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Will The Gang Community Provide That Level Of Control For...

I believe that this can be a yes or a no answer for the question of: Will the gang community provide that level of control for their members? I state that because it all depends on how well the gang is organized. There are many gangs that actively recruit new members, and offer them: â€Å"(1) Fraternity—the gang advertises itself as, cool, hip, the social thing to be in; (2) Obligation—the gang appeals to a person s sense of community; and (3) Coercion—the gang uses physical and psychological intimidation† (gangs, n.d.). This is the type of gang that is not well organized and will you all the tricks in the book to appeal to an individual is looking for especially if the community is plagued with social disorganization which includes:†¦show more content†¦The Hell Angles, believe in protecting the brotherhood at all cost, and will kill a member if they disobey an order to protect someone, and the BGDN is run the same way, but with a little bit mo re order to their organization. For example, this gang â€Å"exemplifies such an evolution from a relatively disorganized criminal street gang to a formal criminal organization. According to Howell (1998, p. 12), it’s corporate hierarchy comprises a chairman of the board, two boards of directors (one for prisons, another for the streets), governors (who control drug trafficking within geographical areas), regents (who supply the drugs and oversee several drug-selling locations within the governors’ realms), area coordinators (who collect revenues from drug-selling spots), enforcers (who beat or kill members who cheat the gang or disobey other rules), and â€Å"shorties† (youth who staff drug-selling spots and execute drug deals). They will protect you as stated, and have no problem executing you if you disobey, so these two groups are the perfect example of a gang community providing that level of control for their members. Next question was: Do I see a direct application of these theories for the probation and parole community? Yes, I believe that the theories application for the probation and

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John Lockes Influence on the Founding Fathers Essay

The Founding Fathers of the United States relied heavily on many of the principles taught by John Locke. Many of the principles of Locke’s Second Treatise of Government may easily be discovered in the Declaration of Independence with some minor differences in wording and order. Many of the ideas of the proper role of government, as found in the Constitution of the United States, may be discovered in the study of Locke. In order to understand the foundation of the United States, it is vital that one studies Locke. A few ideas from Hume may be found but the real influence was from Locke. Rousseau, on the other hand, had none. A few examples of the similarities of the Declaration and Locke’s Second Treatise of Government will suffice,†¦show more content†¦Finally, towards the end of the Declaration, Jefferson wrote that they were â€Å"appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World, for the Rectitude of our Intentions†¦And for the support of this Declarati on, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.† Again, the similarity to Locke is found. â€Å"Wherein the appeal lies only to Heaven, and in that state the injured party must judge for himself† (Locke 1690, XIX, 242). Thus, men â€Å"unite for the mutual preservation of their lives, liberties, and estates† (Locke 1690, IX, 123). Jefferson received a great deal of inspiration from Locke in writing the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration, however, is not a creation of government. The Constitution of the United States is the result of the Declaration. Locke influenced that form of government, as well. As stated before, Locke determined that the purpose of government is to protect life, liberty and property. In chapter IX, he gave us the basic concept of government. â€Å"First, there wants an established, settled, know law, received and allowed by com mon consent to be the standard of right and wrong, and the common measure to decide all controversies between them (P. 124). This, as he described later, is the legislative branch. He goes into more detail in chapter XI. â€Å"Secondly, there wants aShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of John Locke s The Of The Golden Era Essay1393 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Golden Era†. Leonardo da Vinci opened the door to the Renaissance and William Shakespeare treated us to the best writings and plays in the English language. Likewise, John Locke is a man who accomplished what many men could not. He single handedly developed a political system that had a focus on liberty, his work would help influence many men from both sides of the Atlantic. Aside from being a brilliant political theorist, Locke was an author who wrote many outstanding writings. He is remembered asRead MoreJohn Locke And The American Revolution1720 Words   |  7 PagesJohn Locke: A Key to the American Revolution It is widely accepted that the American Revolution was quite different for its time. Some may argue the English revolution was similar in a sense of greatly reducing the power of monarchy, however at this time there had not been many quite like it in the sense of a revolution completely doing away with monarchy. In this revolution we saw a rising movement from the people to oppose monarchy and demand a rule by the people. In this revolution we sawRead MoreJohn Locke s Influence On The United States1162 Words   |  5 PagesJohn Locke was one of the most revolutionary political thinkers of the seventeenth century, and possibly of all time. His ideas regarding natural rights had major effects on almost every western society, most notably the United States. Locke’s ideas were crucial in the crafting of the United States Constitution and more importantly, the creation of American culture, both social, governmental, and economic. Locke was the inspiration for the three branch government system in America along with theRead MoreJohn Locke1098 Words   |  5 PagesJohn Locke was born on August 29, 1632 the son of a country attorney and. Locke grew up in and during the civil war. In 1652, he entered the Christ Church (Oxford) where he remained as a student and teacher for many years. Locke taught and lectured in Greek, rhetoric, and Moral philosophy. Locke, after reading works of Descartes, developed a strong interest in contemporary philosophical and scientific questions and theories. In 1666, Locke met Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper, and from then on, this lifelongRead MoreThe American Of The United States Constitution Essay952 Words   |  4 Pageslessons often teach about the French and Greek influence. In 1988, the House Concurrent Resolution 331 passed which recognized the Iroquois Confederacy’s contribution to the U.S. Constitution. Even after H.Con.Res 331 was passed, the Iroquois Confederacy’s influence continues to be disregarded, most people have to wait until specific classes in higher education to learn about the connection. With the whitewashing of history, many Native American influences have been overlooked that directly correlateRead MoreJohn Locke And The Locke Of The United States5485 Words   |  22 PagesFrom Aristotle to John Locke to Thomas Jefferson, the ideas of great philosophers influenced the foundations of the United States. When Jefferson began writing the Declaration of Independence, he wanted to make this new country base d on the basic fundamentals. He wanted to base the country on what was considered the natural laws. Jefferson had many philosophical minds to ponder when writing the document, such as Aristotle and most importantly John Locke. The writings of John Locke were basic inRead MoreThe Human Nature Aspects Of Self Interest846 Words   |  4 PagesThomas Hobbes believed in was a monarchy, he thought that people should give up their freedom to a government to become stronger as a whole and not an individual. Although at that time, many people begin to believe in his ways and forms of government. John Locke was a 1700s English thinker (1632-1704) that brought forth ideas which became the key to the Enlightenment era; he was the second enlightenment thinker to come about behind the theory of social contract. It was the starting point of the EnlightenmentRead MoreJohn Locke1815 Words   |  8 Pagesthe Englishmen, John Locke. John Locke was a philosophical influence in both political theory and theoretical philosophy, which was embraced among the era of 1789-1914 and the concept of equal rights among men. John Locke’s writings influenced the works of multiple diplomats concerning liberty and the social contract between society and the government. Locke’s ideology of man and power was the base for the concept of separation of powers. As one of the enlightenment thinkers, John Locke wrote theRead MoreAnalysis and Historical Context from Second Treatise of Civil Government by John Locke1152 Words   |  5 PagesCOMMENTARY OF ‘SECOND TREATISE OF CIVIL GOVERNM ENT’: The previous fragment we’ve read belongs to the work of John Locke, ‘Second Treatise of Civil Government’, who published it anonymously in 1689. It is a work of political philosophy, in which Locke talks about civil society, natural rights and separation of powers. Locke was one of the first empirical philosophers and he believed that the human being was born with no knowledge, and that experience and observation were the base of all human wisdomRead MoreThe Enlightenment And The American Revolution2027 Words   |  9 Pagesespecially that small group of men, most people call The Founding Fathers, may help us understand the driving principles behind both the Revolution, and the subsequent evolution, or creation, of the United States of America. Enlightenment thinkers were innovators. They questioned all theories that were undeniably correct (at the time). Among these philosophers were Charles-Louis Montesquieu, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke. These five philosophers would eventually set down

What made Delaney’s play dramatic for its audience Free Essays

string(29) " attempts to cope with life\." A Taste of Honey was first produced at London’s Royal Court Theatre in 1958. Britain in the 1950’s was much different than it is now. During the 1950’s single parents were a tiny minority of the population. We will write a custom essay sample on What made Delaney’s play dramatic for its audience? or any similar topic only for you Order Now Couples who were living together without getting married would have been condemned by society . Male homosexuality were a criminal offence and it was generally not safe for homosexuals to appear in public. Statistics show that in 1958 approximately 1 in 100 marriages ended in divorce compared to 1995 when approximately 1 in 3 marriages ended in divorce. Also in 1958 there were black communities in the United Kingdom in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Liverpool but they were not common elsewhere. In the 1990’s approximately 1 in 20 British citizens is of African, Asian of Caribbean origin. The play A Taste of Honey explores all of the above themes which at the time in 1958 were controversial. The play confronts a range of social issues such as single motherhood, black and white, gay and straight and class. These issues are discussed in a frank manner and from a female point of view both of which were unusual for Britain in the 1950’s. During the 1950’s. The country was deeply religious quite unlike the Britain of today. During the 1950’s the theatre going audience would largely have been made up of the upper classes. A favourite show at that time was â€Å"My Fair Lady† which is a play about a girl named Eliza Do-Little who is taught how to become a â€Å"proper â€Å"Lady. It would only have been in very rare circumstances that the working classes would have attended. To see a play of this nature covering such unsavoury topics would have shocked the middle class audience. You can read also Audience Adaptation Paper Although they were aware of the above issues it was unlikely that the average theatre going audience at that time would have had any direct contact with the themes covered. To see a play that was to display such a rollercoaster of emotions would have been quite dramatic in itself. A quote from Deuteronomy 5-6-21 â€Å"You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the lord will not forgive anyone who misuses his name â€Å"Throughout the play Helen and Peter often use blasphemous phrases when angry, which is something that the middle class audience would have found shocking. An example of this is where Peter says â€Å"God! We’ve got a founder member of the Lord’s Day Observance Society here. † Another example is where Helen is speaking to Jo and Helen shouts â€Å"For God’s sake shut up! Close your mouth for five minutes. â€Å"The devil is also referred to which is another element that would have startled the audience, not only is the devil mentioned but he is mentioned in front of children. The play is written in a way very similar to that of a soap opera. It has a timeless quality and it would not be out of place if a scene appeared in a soap opera such as Coronation Street today. Coronation Street first appeared in the early 1960’s. The play was written to portray the lives of the working class. It was written in a very honest way without the use of â€Å"rose coloured spectacles†. Originally the play was going to be a novel but after seeing a Terence Rattigan play Delaney became disillusioned as Rattigan did not seem to be writing about the sort of places and people that she knew in Salford. The theatre of the 1950’s, seemed to describe † safe ,sheltered, cultured lives in charming surroundings and not life as the majority of ordinary people knew it. This was the lifestyle that was more familiar to the Middle Classes. There is irony in the title â€Å"A Taste of Honey† this implies that it is a taste of something sweet or something pleasant. The only real â€Å"sweet† thing throughout the play is the relationship between Boy and Jo. Like Coronation Street the play is set in Salford in the North of England close to Manchester. As previously stated the play is set in a shabby, uncomfortable flat in a poor part of Manchester in Northern England. When Peter first visits the flat he asks â€Å"What on earth made you choose such a ghastly district? † Peter goes on to say â€Å"Nobody could live in a place like this† Jo replies â€Å"Only about a thousand people. Later on he is desperate to leave the flat and says â€Å"Those bloody little street kids have probably pulled the car to pieces by now†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. † â€Å"I just want to get the hell out of this black hole of Calcutta. † The above quotes give some insight into Peter’s status sim ply by the fact that he owns a car as this would have been out of reach of most working class people. There is also a hint that Peter is racist with his comment about Calcutta. The middle class audience may have found this element of Peter amusing as they realised that they had more in common with Peter than the other characters. Today such a reference would be totally unacceptable. At this time in Manchester, following a gradual recovery from the war there were many buildings and homes that were sub standard needing urgent modernisation. Often there would be several families sharing the same latrine and bathing facilities. On occasions there would be no bathing facilities at all and a trip to the public baths would be the only place that a bath could be taken. This lack of facilities would have been unheard of amongst the upper classes. Over a period of time these buildings were upgraded or knocked down. This was referred to as slum clearance. A perfectly acceptable phrase then but now more pleasantly referred to as urban regeneration. The focus of the play is on Helen and Jo mother and daughter, their problems and their attempts to cope with life. You read "What made Delaney’s play dramatic for its audience?" in category "Papers" The act opens with them in the process of moving into their new flat. The flat is in very poor condition cold and damp. Helen has a cold but despite this she is still able to bicker constantly with her daughter. The conversation is like verbal sparring. They bicker constantly over trivial matters such as making coffee or how often to bathe. It soon becomes clear that their relationship is one of ill concealed hostility. Jo does not call Helen mother or mum but refers to instead by her name Helen. The way in which Helen speaks to her daughter would be considered unacceptable today. â€Å"You stupid little devil† and â€Å"You silly little bitch â€Å". This language would have had even greater impact in the 1950’s and was deliberately selected by the author to shock the middle class audience. Both Helen and Jo demean each other with comments such as Jo saying to Helen â€Å"You don’t look forty. You look sort of well -preserved sixty† Each remark is rebuked and followed by a defensive comment. Helen is described as a crude semi- whore like and a drunk. She is barely forty and has been married and divorced, but her daughter Jo is the result of a brief fling . Peter, her latest conquest is a middle class, wealthy alcoholic womaniser. He is uncouth and racist. Peter often has a dirty tale to tell and is suggestive. He seems to have the manners that would normally be associated with the working class rather than the middle class. Jo attempts to improve their surroundings . Jo yearns for a real home and despite the dreadful condition of their new flat she attempts to give it a homely touch. She wants to plant bulbs and buy a new lampshade. It is the simple things in life that appeal to Jo. Jo is the result of a brief fling that has been raised in difficult circumstances . She has not had the benefit of one loving parent let alone two. There has been no father figure just a constant stream of Helen’s boyfriends . This is illustrated when Jo says’ you should have asked him to stay. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been thrown out of my bed to make room for one of you is†¦ ‘ The fact that Helen is referred to as Helen by Jo reflects the lack of maternal feelings on Helen’s behalf. The play at this point raises awareness amongst the middle classes about the plight of the single parent and I am sure that the audience though shocked at the reality would have some sympathy for both women although in different ways. Single parents would have been unheard of amongst the middle classes and if such a situation arose the female would have been forced into marriage to avoid a scandal. Jo is afraid of ‘darkness inside houses’ which is an insight into the loneliness and fear that she feels as she is often left alone by her mother. The home is seen as a place of sanctuary, a place of warmth, comfort and love but this is not the case for Jo. Helen is not interested . in any of this she does not wish to make a home for Jo. She is very self centred and feels a bitterness towards Jo. When Jo tries to ask Helen for details about her father Helen replies ‘I didn’t do it on purpose. How was I to know you’d materialize out of a little love affair that lasted five minutes? ‘ Jo accuses her mother of being indifferent and running away from her problems. Helen suffers from a lack of morals and does not think twice about leaving Jo unsupervised and alone. Jo displays a responsibility and maturity far beyond her years. Something that has always escaped her selfish immature mother. Nothing must stand in the way of her having a good time. It is clear that Peter had no idea that Helen had a daughter. Jo tries to ruin Helen’s relationship with Peter in an attempt to keep her mother for herself. Jo is afraid of loosing her mother yet again. Jo eventually finds a boyfriend, â€Å"boy† He is a 23 year old black sailor. He is on leave over the Christmas period. He appears very casual but is sexually interested in Jo who is just fourteen but lies and tells boy that she is eighteen. Helen is yet again absent. Boy spends Christmas with Jo. Out of desperation and loneliness Jo is intimate with boy which in turn leads to a pregnancy. Although only fourteen she is not naive. She is fully aware that boy is only after ‘one thing ‘although professing to love her and is suspicious as to whether he will return. Boy leaves not knowing that Jo is pregnant. The themes that are explored here are those of underage sex which although fully aware went on the middle class audience would have been shocked to see it portrayed so vividly. Racism is also in evidence here. Simply because Jo’s boyfriend is black, he is not worthy of a name and is referred to as boy. This is an example of how black people were thought of as the underclass and boy is often associated with the slave trade. Miscegenation was very much frowned upon by the upper classes. Increasingly lonely Jo invites Geoffrey, a gay man who she met at a fair to stay with her. The middle class audience are now confronted with homosexuality and although aware of its presence in their society. It would have been an activity that would have been conducted behind closed doors. They would not be used to having such a subject flaunted in public. Geoffrey flourishes in the role of caring for and protecting Jo. He cleans and helps with preparations for the birth of the baby. Geoffrey knows that because of his homosexuality this is probably the only chance he will ever have of being a father figure. Geoffrey knows also that he will never be able to have an openly gay relationship because it will be condemned by society and he will be the victim of abuse. Geoffrey and Jo get on well together in an attempt to be ‘normal. ‘ And fit in with an intolerant society. Geoffrey asks Jo to marry him. Jo is not in control of her emotions. She hates the idea of love and motherhood but at the same time is in need of someone to love her. Jo says to Geoffrey ‘You’ve got nice hands, hard. You know I used to try and hold my mother’s hands but she always used to pull them away from me. So silly, really. She had so much love for everyone else but none for me. †She refers to Geoffrey as her big sister, and he is very tolerant of her mood swings. Geoffrey brings Helen back to visit Jo. She is very critical and hostile towards him. Peter arrives and is also very hostile towards Geoffrey. They make jokes about his homosexuality which reflects society attitude towards homosexuality. Peter says ‘Well, is anybody coming for a few drinks? You Staying with the ladies, Jezebel. Peter also refers to Geoffrey as Mary. Helen refers to him as ‘an arty little freak. ‘ In the final scene of the play Jo is in the latter stages of her pregnancy. Jo and Geoffrey are still getting along well. Jo does get upset at one point when Geoffrey buys her a baby doll to help her to learn how to look after the baby. It is a white doll not a black one. Jo threatens to kill the baby. Helen leaves Peter and returns to the flat. Peter has been chatting up a younger woman . Helen seems willing to help Jo and Geoffrey is driven out of the flat. Helen feels that Geoffrey has taken her place. Sadly this situation changes when Jo tells Helen that the father is black. It is at this point in the play that the father of Jo’s baby is referred to as Jimmie rather than boy. Helen leaves the flat to go for a drink but the implication is that she may have left for good. Jo is left on her own, smiling but unaware that Geoffrey will not return. The characters in the play are depicted as honest and realistic and full of substance the play gave an accurate account of working class lives . Delaney wanted her characters to be resilient, not depressed by the harshness of their environment. They have to take everyday knocks in their stride . It would have been unusual in the 1950’s for a black man and a homosexual man to be presented as natural characters and not placed in the play as freaks or to provide comedy. The comedy in this play comes from the characters themselves and the situations in which they find themselves. The play ends sadly for Jo who will once again be alone. She will however, have a child and something of her own to love. There is however, a positive note a new beginning, a new life . It creates a positive feeling for life. At last Boy has a name Jimmie. The play helps the audience realize that no matter what colour, or class, or sexuality we are all equal. The fact that the play ends with a song is uplifting. Throughout the play it was boy who made up these little songs and who sang them to her. The fact that she is singing a song as she is alone brings back memories of a time when she was happy. When life for her was sweet. It was a time when she had ‘A Taste of Honey’ The themes explored in depth above of the class system, dysfunctional families, (a single mother with a child of dual heritage living with a homosexual male who is not related to her. Racism, homophobia, alcoholism, prostitution, dialogue, offensive language all contribute to the fact that Delaney’s play was dramatic for its audience. The dialogue is witty sharp and unsentimental. The issues covered in the play are still fresh and anyone one of them could be headline news tomorrow. It portrays complex relationships which are constantly at the fore front in today’s society. Some critics actually saw Delaney’s work as a protest against working class poverty and the hopelessness of a flawed social system. The play demanded attention and as a result the public began to change their attitude towards art and society. I think that the ending of the play is one of the most dramatic moments throughout. Jo is left on her own, waiting to give birth to a black child, which as discussed before was frowned upon in that time. This would be said to be a Hollywood ending as many of us believe that Hollywood endings are make believe, they are this to impress the audience as situations in this matter would not have happened, which leads us to think is it real? This then relates to a book â€Å"The Catcher in The Rye† because the book is about phoneys, although how it is all real and makes us think of the situation. This in relation to â€Å"a Taste Of honey† is quite similar, because although the ending is dramatic, situations like this happened in the 1950’s and the fact Jo was abandoned because of her black child was not frowned upon, because it seemed like the right thing to do. How to cite What made Delaney’s play dramatic for its audience?, Papers

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The Essential Qualities and Knowledge for Effective Counseling

A counselor is a professional who is trained to help people tackle their emotional, social, and physical problems. When someone decides to consult a counselor it is because he/she feels that the counselor is the only person who can offer effective assistant. In counseling there are various qualities that must be possessed by a counselor.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Essential Qualities and Knowledge for Effective Counseling specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Besides, the counselor should employ different techniques because a technique that worked for one client may not work in another client. This paper will shade some light into the above stated aspects of counseling. The main objective of a counselor is to help his/her clients solve their problems. Being a counselor is a calling hence if someone think its all about making money, it is better for him/her to find another career where making money is the main objective. When a counselor is guiding someone he/she should know that by misleading the client he/she is not only answerable to that particular client but also to the creator of heavens and earth (Burnard, 2005). A counselor should never jump into conclusions hence he/she should pay attention to what the client is saying because by being jumpy he/she might miss crucial information that could have made it easier to understand the client’s problems. This implies that a counselor should not feel like he/she knows it all because no matter how similar the situations might sound there is always a difference. In fact by listening more the counselor will learn more about the personality of the client rather than when he/she is doing most of the talking (Gladding, 2008). A counselor needs to exercise a lot of patience and acceptance because rushing things can ruin the counseling process. Tolan (2003) states that in counseling profession the clients are from all walks of lif e ranging from drug addicts to criminals and thus the counselor must accept them just the way they are because they come for his/her services. This is due to the fact that they are in need of help and if they are turned away they may not see the need of being reformed. Gladding (2008) suggests that patience in mental counseling is important because it helps a counselor to manage anger when irritated by a client’s behavior or slow progress. A counselor should know that some procedures may take longer than usual to be completed and hence problems cannot be solved in a single day since they also took days to be established.Advertising Looking for research paper on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More All the experiences encountered in counseling should be reflected in a counselor’s job. This includes understanding of people’s cultures and beliefs because these are some of the elements that foster or hi nder counseling. A good counselor should learn to appreciate client’s diversity and if possible learn the client’s native language because at times he/she may have clients who do not understand national languages. Additionally, education is important in counseling but then the certificates do not mark the end of learning for a counselor because the field offers more learning opportunities to an open mind than what is taught in the classroom. This is because there are new challenges in counseling such as cultural differences, and when they are tackled they are the lessons that could not be learnt back in college (Burnard, 2005). In fact in most professions students learn more when working than in college. In this light, a counselor should be an outspoken person who is open to friendship. Being friendly and kind to the clients will make them open up because it is easier to trust someone who is outspoken than someone who puts on a stone face all the time. This implies tha t a counselor should not show any impressions of anger even when he/she is not happy. This is encouraged because it promotes the confidence of the clients in the counselor. However, there are clients who may be anti-social. The counselor should try to fit into their shoes by appreciating them for who they are. A counselor must have respect for his/her clients at all times regardless of whether the client is to blame for his/her problem. Respect entails not disclosing the information provided by clients with other people. If a client learns that the information he/she gave to a counselor has been shared with other people he/she may feel humiliated and may never seek help from such a counselor. For counseling to be effective, there are various techniques which must be employed by a counselor. The first technique is being a good listener. Nelson-Jones (2009) argues that listening helps a counselor to gather information being conveyed by the client. Interruptions such as phone calls sho uld be avoided during this time because the counselor is expected to pay full attention to the client. If a counselor interrupts his/her conversations with the client it might look like lack of concern and it may close the client not to reveal all the necessary information. During the conversations the counselor should look at the client in the eyes because this will build a sense of trust in the client. The counselor should consider taking some notes during the conversation because he/she will refer to the notes in later stages. Asking the client questions that were answered at the initial stages may indicate that the counselor is not serious with his/her job.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Essential Qualities and Knowledge for Effective Counseling specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The counselor should be careful about his/her body language hence should sit in an upright posture and should use his/ her body language such as nodding of the head to make the client speak more. The counselor should never speak when the client is talking but should instead wait for his/her turn to speak (Tolan, 2003). Asking questions is also an efficient technique in counseling because it allows the counselor to extract information from the client. Questions are categorized into two, namely the ones that require short answers and the ones that require long answers. Short questions are aimed at getting particular information while long questions are aimed at making the client provide more information. When asking questions the counselor should use polite language and tone because being rude may imply that he/she is already judging the client. Some of the information conveyed by the client need to be reconstructed using polite words because some are expressed with lots of anger and the counselor should not utter the same words that sound rude. Reconstructing the points put across by the client impli es that the counselor has nothing against the client. This reconstructing includes the use of a softer tone if the client used a higher tone because this will make sure that the counselor’s sympathy for the client is clearly expressed. Burnard (2005) explains that it is important to have a summary of every visit which should be read to the client after the counselor has finished obtaining information from the client. The summary should contain all the major issues that are arranged according to their relevance. Those that matter the most should be given the first priority. Having a summary helps the counselor to understand which issues should be dealt with first as opposed to when the counselor is tackling problems at random. The counselor can also give clients an assignment to do on their own once at home because this will make them learn more about their problem. Moreover, the assignment makes them realize what they can do and what they cannot do. This is crucial because it helps the counselor to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the client. Likewise, effective counseling requires the knowledge of applying various counseling theories. In counseling there are various theories that explain the essential approaches applied, but this paper will only highlight two of them. These include Solution Focused Therapy and Client Centered (Rogerian) counseling. In solution based therapy the counselor focuses on what the client wishes to acquire in the therapy. In this therapy the main concern is shifted from what really bothered the client in the first place. The things that were said or done in the past do not matter in this therapy because the main objective of this therapy is to correct the present and face the future. When this therapy is being implemented solving the current problem is vital than what might have caused it because it assumes that the past is already gone hence it is important to focus on what is left (Nelson-Jones, 2009).Advertising Looking for research paper on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In client centered (Rogerian) counseling the client is in full control of what he/she wants to have and become. This theory states that the client has all the potential to do anything as long as he/she is made to believe that he/she can. According to Tolan (2003) this therapy is aimed at building self esteem of the client because that is what makes someone believe in him/herself. In this therapy the counselor assists the client by allowing him/her to express him/herself and by tolerating the views of the client. The counselor does not jump into any conclusions because this might look like stumbling blocks to the client. Furthermore, the counselor shows empathy to the client by asking questions in a very friendly manner and tone. The major role of the counselor here is to provide favorable conditions for the client to realize what he/she wants to do. In conclusion, a good counselor must apply the above mentioned techniques where necessary and should the situation persist the counselo r should consider customizing the techniques to be compatible with the needs of the client. Counseling skills include effective listening, patience, asking questions, and experience in therapy. The skills of a counselor are very important because they help him/her to deliver the best results at the end of counseling. Academic certificates are crucial but they can be useless if they do not reflect the competence of a counselor in real life situations. The counselor should use the appropriate therapy for each individual client because what works in one client may fail in another client. Hence, understanding the theories of counseling might help in coming up with feasible solutions that are deemed to solve difficult problems. References Burnard, P. (2005). Counseling Skills for Health Professionals. Delta Place: Nelson Thornes. Gladding, S.T. (2008). Counseling: A Comprehensive Profession. (6th Ed.). New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Nelson-Jones, R. (2009). Introduction to Counseling Skills: Text and Activities. New Delhi: Sage Publications. Tolan, J. (2003).Skills in Person-Centered Counseling Psychotherapy. New Delhi: Sage Publications. This research paper on The Essential Qualities and Knowledge for Effective Counseling was written and submitted by user Jeremy Short to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Doing Gender essays

Doing Gender essays "...everyone "does gender without thinking about it" (Judith Lorber, "Paradoxes of Gender, p.13). When I was young I did not think about my gender role. I did not think about the day to day events in my life that effected my gender. When I look back I can find so many instances of gender in my life. So, I am taking one of the smallest instances because of the many ways it relates to not only gender building, but maintaining. As a child I remember very cold winters in Omaha. My sister and I loved to play outside in the snow. So, my parents bought us matching snowsuits. They were pink with lavender trim. My friend, Charlie, who lived up the street, had a snowsuit too. His was black and red with a logo of a racecar on the back. As a child I never thought of the implications of my snowsuit. It was functional and I suppose I thought the color pink was pretty at the time. My room was pink, my bike was pink, and Barbies corvette was pink. Why should it be any other way? As I look back at the photographs of the three of us playing as children I see what implications the pink snowsuit had on my gender. Not only that but how we played together. All of us had hoods on our snowsuits to cover our ears. With out the difference in the pink and black snowsuits you may have not been able to tell who the boy was and who the two girls were. My long blonde hair was pulled back under the hood and all of us had childlike chubby faces with big smiles. Charlie was always building big, macho, snow forts and my sister and I were making snow angels. The snow angels were pretty and soft, like the pink snowsuits. The snow fort was supposed to be tough, a boy thing. We could all play together, but even by age four, Charlie knew that making snow angels were not a tough thing to do so he refused. He was going to make the fort to protect my sister and I. He was going to build something better and bigger. According to Lorber, soc...

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Use Your Marketing Calendar Without WordPress

Use Your Marketing Calendar Without WordPress Youre a fan (because youre awesome). So you know  you traditionally started with a WordPress blog, then connected it to your marketing calendar. Well, now works as a fully functional, all-in-one marketing calendar- even outside of WordPress. You heard that right: You can now use as a standalone content calendar for any marketing youre planning- and you can get started with or without WordPress! Use Your Marketing Calendar Without WordPress [New Feature!]Plan Everything In One Marketing Calendar Theres a lot more to marketing than just blogging with your WordPress blog. Theres a brand new way to use to plan any  type of content: E-books Advertisements Twitter chats Brochures White papers Events Videos You get the picture. Now you can use s content feature to plan, write, and manage all of your marketing projects from beginning to end. Create Content Super Easily There are many different ways to create content. Now you can use and connect those directly  into : s content editor Evernote Google Docs WordPress However you  manage your content, brings it together into a single marketing calendar to help you plan everything together. That saves loads of time sifting through emails  and  searching for links. Use Your Content Anywhere Once youre done creating your content, you can easily export it to use it anywhere: Download it as HTML. Download it to a  PDF. Export it as a WordPress blog post. Share a link for others to see and download it (great for approvals and  content partnerships). Want it as a Word doc? That’s coming your way soon. Share Any Online Content Via Social Media Wherever you publish your content, you can always use your  social queue in to share it with your fans, followers, and friends. Use With Or Without WordPress You can always add in your WordPress blog later. So theres nothing stopping you from starting your free 14-day trial of . Get started today with your marketing calendar for everything! How will you use your marketing calendar without WordPress?

Friday, February 14, 2020

Review Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Review - Term Paper Example Last year the sport super bowl in the US had over 108 million viewers and the recent controversial use of $4 million on a commercial by a firm was making headings and any advertising firm would promise that such a figure would improve the brands image (Evans & Gerard 39). The sport super bowl has have a great media coverage and the same translates to the air play its gets plus the viewers it has. Research has shown that more that 30% of the viewers are interested in the commercials between the airplay of the sport than the sport itself. Commercials have become like part of the game rather than the norms considered as an interruption. The idea about using expensive advertisements and marketing techniques is a gamble because one can not be assured if the information will arrived to the intended destination who is the target customer but the gamble has one heavy side than the other. Advertisment has emerged as an important activity in marketing in the modern age of large scale production and serve competition in the market. Expensive marketing can be a great tool to ken turkey fried chicken brand and It performs the following functions: - Sales promotion: It boosts the sale of goods and services through creating awareness on the existence of the goods in the market and persuading the people to buy them. A good advertising strategy helps in securing new consumers in both the national and world markets. For instance in the clothing industry, a firm can purely base its marketing technique on the use of the internet and it can use video advert that are brokered by various marketing companies. Introduction of new product: It helps in bringing of new products in the market. Ken turkey fried chicken can register the availability of its new products in the market to the public through advertisement. A new firm cant make a